Marsh Grass | Great Lakes By Design

Transitional by design, this piece of furniture features contemporary lines softened by a skillful placement of cypress spindles—emulating natural grass as viewed through a window—while the juxtaposition of solid walnut planks and soy-foam, goose-down cushions provide a sense of comfort, sustainability, and security.

Built and manufactured in Michigan using reclaimed wood, the Transitional Marsh Grass Chair is part of the artisan line of furnishings known as VinModern Design offered at the Traverse City-based studio Urban-Diversions.

The chair was designed by award-winning furniture designer Dale H. Campbell, who noted it was one of his more artistic pieces. Campbell, who is also the chief executive officer and president of Urban-Diversions, has garnered attention in recent years for the vintage modern Barn Beam chair—or Waterfront Lounge Chair—after partnering with Kindel Furniture Company through the Designer Artist Series.

Both chairs are original designs created by Campbell, who has been recognized with a Pinnacle Award and ADEX Platinum award throughout his more than 30-year career in the furniture industry.

“I have traveled the world from Europe to Asia and you are exposed to a lot of different architecture and clothing. Everything you see in different areas affects you and you remember it,” said Campbell. “Design for me needs to be visually pleasing and ergonomically comfortable.”